DCE Parent-Teacher Conferences

Sorry, the DCE Elementary Parent-Teacher Conference System is not currently available.

Parents, watch for an email on September 30 that will contain your personalized URL to access the site.

Evergreen Elementary Andrea Reede (715) 359-6591, ext. 5221
Hatley Elementary Vicki Timm (715) 446-3336, ext. 5721
Mountain Bay Elementary Jocelyn Barwick (715) 355-0302, ext. 5821
Odyssey Elementary School Candice Sillars (715) 359-1040
Riverside Elementary Joan Erdman (715) 359-2417, ext. 5321
Rothschild Elementary Betsy Hart (715) 359-3186, ext. 5421
Weston Elementary Cindy Hall (715) 359-4181, ext. 5621

If you have questions or comments, email them to the developer.

DCE Teachers and Staff should be able to log in here.

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